WhatsApp Infographic –Take A Brief Look


Whatsapp is one of the most famous social messaging and chat application. Almost every smartphone owner and internet user uses it to communicate with each other. Whatsapp is founded by Brain Acton and Jan Koum. There are over 450 million active users on whatsapp and they are growing continuously because whatsapp provides great chat and messaging … [Read more...]

Soda PDF – Bringing Simplicity and Affordability to PDFs

PDF software PDF Reader and Editor Download Soda PDF

Few days ago, I found many people talking about a PDF software named ‘SODA PDF’ on their blogs. I have already received so many requests from my readers that they are looking for a good ‘All in One PDF software’ which can reduce their complexity of office and collage work.  So, I was in hurry to know what kind of PDF software … [Read more...]

Things to Consider While Developing a Mobile Application


What is the best way to reach your customers directly? The answer is simple, build an application, which can be accessed easily through any portable device. It would not be wrong to say, if you are in B2C industry, mobile can be a major tool for the progress of your business. It can not only help in advertising but can even increase your sales … [Read more...]

iPhone 7: A Rumour mill Round-Up


The amount of interest and talks made regarding any device prior it gets unveiled, is much higher than once it is made actually available. On this context, the rumour mills play a big role, and, if the device is from a big house, then the rumours simply don’t stop. Here today we will take dig at some of the interesting rumours regarding upcoming … [Read more...]

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features


Ever since the Galaxy Note had come out, all the manufacturers tried their best to take a groove in the market for bigger devices. It’s been 3 years almost and there is none left to bring a phablet to the market, Apple was the last one to join the crowd. Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is their first ever phablet which puts the Note device ranges to a … [Read more...]